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Each study focuses on a range of qualitative and quantitative factors, including the management operating environment, metrics and future strategy.  130 of Australia’s leading organisations chose to participate, providing interesting, as well as some surprising trends. The study was carried out from October to December 2017, and the results were published in February 2018.

The study provides essential insights into better practices driving Australian businesses, and some of the key metrics that can support your business case for change.  The metrics collected from this study are shown on the right hand side of this page.

The following prices apply:

- One study (e.g Purchase to Pay)   $1,995 + GST
- Two studies (e.g. Purchase to Pay & Payroll)    $2,495 + GST
- All three studies   $2,995 + GST


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SINGLE STUDY ($1,995 + GST):

Purchase to Pay



TWO STUDIES ($2,495 + GST)

Purchase to Pay + Receivables

Purchase to Pay + Payroll

Receivables + Payroll


Purchase to Pay + Receivables + Payroll

Benchmark metrics

Along with a range of qualitative information in relation to process attributes, a range of metrics are collected and analysed.   The Australian Benchmark Initiative has attempted to choose a straightforward set of metrics that would be easily understood across the broad range of participants.

For each metric quartile measures will be provided (bottom, median, top) for the following:

Purchase to Pay

1. Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
2. Average gross salary
3. Invoices processed per FTE
4. Purchase Order penetration
5. Purchase Orders after the event (%)
6. Matching tolerance ($ and %)
7. Payment cycles (#)
8. Standard payment terms


1. Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
2. Average gross salary
3. Payruns per pay cycle type

4. Headcount processed per pay cycle
5. Timesheets processed per pay cycle
6. Percentage of "out of cycle" payments


1. Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
2. Average gross salary
3. Active customer accounts managed per FTE
4. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

5. Percentage of debtors > 60 days
6. Remittances processed per FTE
7. Payment types (electronic/cash)
8. Standard trading terms

Chartered Magazine article

Chartered Magazine, in their April 2014 edition ran an article on the Australian Benchmark Initiative.   That article can be downloaded here.